List of Coffee Brewing Equipment – Essentials for Coffee Preparation

Coffee starts your day with a beautiful smile on your face and gives you an extra energy to fight with the hassle of daily life. This is a reason why, it has become the best friend of every individual in the world that is not only seen sporting a person in the morning but also any time when he or she needs its boosting. Hence, every next person in the world loves coffee. But, when it comes coffee brewing methods, some people step back, as it is a big challenge and considerably an art.

There are various equipments being used for brewing coffee, which hold different methods and ways of making it, mainly depending upon the various cultures of different regions. Now, take a look at those equipments which are most popular, including: percolator, vacuum coffee maker, and French Press.

Percolator: Once enjoyed great popularity, the Coffee percolator is believed to be one of the oldest types of coffee brewing equipment, which is still in use for making coffee. This unique equipment was invented by the American scientist and soldier Count Rumford, who made it possible for his own benefits during his pioneering work with the Bavarian Army. But, later it emerged as the most useful equipment for every person, who loves coffee.

This unique equipment works quite effectively and has its own methods of brewing this magical delight, which include – usually exposes the grounds to higher temperatures than other brewing methods. And then Recirculate already brewed coffee through the beans, which make the coffee susceptible to over-extraction. Besides, the other method of percolator eliminates some of the impulsive compound from beans that eventually add pleasant aroma to your coffee. These are some of the major benefits of using percolators.

For your information, the one thing that I also want to bring in your notice is that there are two different types of percolators, so make sure that you get one, which suits both your needs and taste.

• The first type of percolator frequently cycles the boiling brew through the grounds by using gravity till it does not get the required strength.
• While, the other type forces boiling water under pressure through the grounds into a separate chamber.

French Press: Invented in the late 1800s in France, the French Press is a simple small glass coffee pot fitted with a plunger, which includes a filter plate. It is also referred to as press pot, coffee press and coffee plunger. This coffee equipment is found more self contained and portables, when compared to other ones.

There are various styles of French Press that are made of different materials like – tough plastic, common glass, metal, stainless steel, and more. But one thing is there, whether it is made of any material or come in any style, its quality and method of brewing coffee can never change. The coffee brewed in French Press, includes both outstanding flavors and extremely amazing aroma.

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